Tuesday 9/7/21: Long Exposure Photography Effects

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete past assignments: action series, photoshop tutorials, action photo critique
  • Intro to long exposure photography
  • Announcement: Quiz on Thursday-Camera Settings & 4-step Critique ProcessĀ 

Use the Internet to find the definitions & photo examples to the following and add them to a new post on your photo blog:

I will collect the links on Teams tomorrow.*

Long Exposure Photography- definition + 2 photo examples: one with water and one with night sky OR traffic light streaks

Light Painting Photography- definition + 2 photo examples: one w/ hand-light writing and one with an object lit up at night

Long Exposure Ghost Effect- definition + 2 photo examples: one must involve a crowd of people, another with one person only

Find 5-7 tips on producing long exposure photography (settings, lighting, props, etc)

We will watch this video in class:

YouTube Version

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