Make a Splash!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Turn in Levitating project in Teams.
  • Discussing and preparing for “Make a Splash” photo experiment (taking place Wednesday and Thursday).

Make a Splash! (Part One)

Objective: use Shutter Priority Mode to freeze the splash of water.

With a group of 3-4, you will need to set up a splash station outside.  You will be provided with materials that you can use as backdrops.

Bring in your own vases, fish tanks, things to splash into the water (or other liquid).  I will provide some limited items as well.

Take turns being the photographer while others hold up backdrops, drop items in water, and assist in other ways.

Edit and Post your best shots (however many you like!) to your blog in gallery mode. Change link to media file, as always. 🙂

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