Mon & Tues 9/27-9/28: College Credit Applications

Today’s Agenda:

  • Apply to Chaffey AND San Bernardino Valley College (for those who didn’t get their college credit last year)
  • Sorting through last week’s photos to edit and post
  • Monthly Challenges or use the splash station in the classroom to get more photos!

College Application Timeline Infographic_PDF File

Click the PDF file link above.  It contains the steps and links necessary.

To get your college credits for this class you must:

  1. Apply to Chaffey and SBVC
  2. Wait for an email containing your College ID number (this can take several days to receive)
  3. Register with CATEMA to add yourself to my Chaffey roster
  4. Register with CATEMA again to add yourself to my SBVC roster
  5. Pass both semesters of photo with a B- or better + pass the final exam (at the end of the year) with a 70% or better + put together a photo portfolio with 6 of your best photos from the year. Congrats!

Splash Photos

Edit and post your best Splash photos that YOU took outside last week (your choice on amount of photos).

With your group members, look through all the photos you all captured in class on Friday.  Delete any obviously blurry photos or photos that missed any action.  Borrow a USB flash drive from me if you need to transfer photos to your group members (you all need copies).

Choose the best 4-6 photos YOU took on Friday to edit and post.

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