Thursday 9/30/21: Padlet Peer Reviews

Today’s Agenda: 

  • Complete all past due assignments (quarter grades are coming up soon!)
  • Complete college applications (from Monday’s post)
  • Padlet Peer Reviews
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s shoot: Freezing and Blurring Action

Padlet Reviews

In the “Important Links” channel on Teams you will find the Padlet Gallery Wall link. Click to open.

View the edited Symbolic Portraits w/ Shallow Depth of Field projects created by your classmates.  You will need to comment on at least 3. Your feedback should include:

  1. What you like about their photo
  2. What could have been improved or changed to fit the criteria of the project better or just ideas on how it could have looked better
  3. Your first name and last name initial 

Remember that they didn’t take the photo, their partner did. But you can still explain to them how they could have directed their partner better with the feedback above.

If you see a portrait that already has 3 comments by other people, skip it and comment on another (this way everyone gets feedback!).  If they all have 3 or more comments, then you can comment on any you want.

Freezing and Blurring Action

Tomorrow we will experiment using Shutter Priority Mode on the class cameras to capture fast motion outside.  We could use more props to help us out.  If any of you have tennis balls and basketballs you can bring tomorrow, please do! Wear comfy clothes/shoes too.  We may be jumping around a bit… 😉

Take a look at the Adv.Photo Gallery tab here on the class website to see some shutter speed experiments that my Advanced Photo students have produced recently.  Also, the Photo 1 Gallery tab has some frozen and blurred action as well if you scroll through.  Take a look!


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