Monday 10/4/21: Levitations!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Continue to explore fast shutter speeds in Shutter Priority Mode

We will continue to experiment with fast shutter speeds to freeze action.  Today’s focus is:


Check out the work of Japanese photographer, Natsumi Hayashi.  She creates her self-portraits using a timer and fast shutter speeds. 

Also, check out the gallery in the post from Friday, the Advanced Photo Gallery tab, and the Photo 1 Gallery tab for more student-generated levitation photos.

Today you will begin your own levitations around campus with your group.  Get creative and have some fun!


Use Shutter Priority Mode (Tv) and use shutter speeds like 1/600, 1/1000, 1/2000, and 1/4000. The faster the action, the faster your shutter speed needs to be.  Fast shutter speed photos turn out best with bright lighting.

Change you drive mode to “continuous shooting” (see image below).  This allows you to press down on the shutter button to keep taking photos in sequence.

Take turns being the photographer to capture your group members levitating.  (If they are not in a position to jump, levitating objects will work as well.)  The jumps don’t have to be dramatic, it can be a simple hops.

Take it up a level- try to create a unique scene but with your subject/s levitating. Try to hide the fact that they are jumping by capturing them on the way up rather than on the way down and having them use natural face expressions. Look for interesting camera angles and composition.

Upload all the photos taken by your group to your OneDrive. (I recommend making a folder for all your fast shutter speed photos.

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