Wed 10/6-Thurs 10/7: Portraits-One Focal Length

Today’s Agenda:

  • Take the survey on the General channel on Teams
  • Add paragraph to your Portraits w/ Various DOF & Focal Lengths post
  • Portrait Series with your favorite focal lengths

Add a paragraph to your portrait experiment photos from Mon/Tues to tell me which focal length/s you liked working with the best for portrait-taking and why.

Portrait Series with One Focal Length

Choose your favorite focal length from the previous portrait experiment.

Use Aperture Priority mode. Use the lowest f-stop number possible.

You will need to take portraits of 2 different people. Tip: One person can be the subject/model for more than 1 photographer at a time.

Take a series of portraits of a person using your focal length of choice but this time from 4 different distances to the subject:

  • Top of shoulders and up
  • Chest and up
  • Waist and up
  • Full Body

Repeat this with another subject.

Post your 8 portraits in a gallery of 4 columns to your blog. Include the camera settings (MASIF) in the captions!

*Edit your favorite portrait of each person and add those in a new gallery in the same post.

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