Monday 10/11/21: CATEMA Registrations+ Manual Mode+ ISO

Today’s Agenda:

It is time to get on my Chaffey and SBVC class rosters! CATEMA registrations are really quick and easy!

  1. Those who completed their Chaffey and San Bernardino Valley College applications should have received an email from each college with your college ID number.  Please find them and write down each college ID number before you proceed…
  2. Follow the directions in the link below for Chaffey. Once you submit, sign out.
  3. Then repeat ALL the steps again for SBVC (yes, you create a new account again).

CATEMA Instructions


If you already signed up on CATEMA for one of these colleges:

If you have already registered in CATEMA, click here.

If you lost your username for CATEMA, click here.

Click here for Monthly Challenges Menu and Instructions

Your first monthly challenge is due at the end of this week!  Please click on the Monthly Challenges Menu link to revisit the information and options.  You may photograph for this period after you finish the CATEMA registrations.

ISO & Exposure Meter

Due: 10/12/21

Click the link above to fill out the fill-in-the-blank document: ISO and Exposure Meter


Manual Mode Experiment

Step 1: Select Manual Mode (M).

Step 2: Let’s try to blur the movement of the propeller by setting the shutter speed at 1 sec. What aperture f-stop AND ISO setting will you need for a good exposure?

Step 3: Now let’s freeze the propeller at 1/4000 shutter speed.  What aperture f-stop AND ISO setting will you need for a good exposure?


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