Tuesday 10/19/21: Upload to Padlet Gallery Wall + 4-Step Critique

Today’s Agenda:

  • No Photographing Today
  • Upload your best monthly challenge photo to the Padlet class gallery wall (link on Teams–>Important Links channel)
  • Publish a peer critique on your blog

Padlet Gallery Wall Instructions:

Note: the Padlet class gallery wall link can be found in Teams, in the “Important Links” channel.  I will also attach the Padlet link in the Teams assignment for this activity. 

Step 1: Post your best Monthly Challenge Photo to the Padlet Class Gallery Wall. Include your first name and explain which challenge the photo is for. (If you don’t have any Monthly Challenge photos, post your best blurred or frozen action photo or Autumn Ambience photo instead.  You are getting points for posting!)

Step 2: View the work that your classmates are also posting on the Padlet gallery wall.  “Heart” as many photos as you like.  Comment on at least one post and let them know what you like about the photo and what could have been improved (if anything).  If a classmate’s photo already has 2 comments, comment on a different one so everyone gets some feedback.

Peer Critique Instructions:

4-Step Critique PPT

Complete the Padlet Gallery Wall Instructions before you begin this.

Now select a classmate’s photo you admire the most.  Click to enlarge its view, right click to select “Save As…”, and save to your OneDrive.  Write a 4-step critique of that photo in a blog post and publish it along with the copy of the photo you saved (so I can see what photo you’re talking about). Each step of the critique should include at least 3 sentences.  Submit the link to your blog post in Teams.

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