Wednesday 11/10/21: Steve McCurry Video Questions and Photo Critique

Today’s Agenda:

  • Video and Questions: Steve McCurry
  • 4-step critique of a Steve McCurry photo
  • Both of these are due today!

Video: Steve McCurry


Watch the photographer’s video and answer the questions on the Word document placed in today’s Video Assignment in Teams.  

Headsets that plug into your computer’s USB connection are located by my desk.  Please place them back in their bags carefully before returning them.  Thank you!

(I am including the Word document questions here as well as back up, but I prefer you fill out the one in the Teams assignment. Steve McCurry Video Questions)


Is the video not playing? Sometimes you have to click the video, refresh the page, then click it again to get it started.  Just keep messing with it and it should work! IF it asks for a code use: kopvehh

4-Step Critique

Instructions: Visit Steve McCurry’s Photo Galleries:

Click on a gallery theme that seems interesting to you.  *I recommend starting with the Afghanistan Gallery before you look through others. *After you click on one gallery, you can select the grid icon near to view all the images in the gallery at once (instead of viewing in slideshow mode). 

Select ONE PHOTO that you find beautiful or interesting.  Click on the image to enlarge it, right click to “Save Image As” and save as a JPEG file in your OneDrive.

Place the photo on your blog and answer the following questions about it:

  1. What do we see in the photo?
  2. What camera angle do you think was used?
  3. Do you see any of the 8 rules of composition we have learned about? Which ones and how are they used?  If not, how was the image composed?
  4. What do you think is happening in the photo?  How does it make you feel or what does it make you think/wonder about?
  5. What makes this photo beautiful or interesting to you?

Publish you blog and attach the link into the SAME Teams assignment as the questions from the video.

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