Tuesday 11/30/21: Studio Lighting Patterns

Today’s Agenda:

  • Define and explain the different types of lighting patterns


Open the link above. For each of the following types of lighting, record the following information on a sheet of notebook paper: 

  • Split lighting
  • Loop lighting
  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Butterfly lighting
  • Broad Lighting
  • Short Lighting
  • Also include what “catchlights” are and why they are desirable to capture.*

1. Name of lighting pattern

2. Describe what it looks like and what it’s commonly used for.

3.  Describe HOW to achieve that lighting pattern.

4.  Copy/draw the diagram that shows the light set up. 

5. Take a picture of your notes and turn them into Teams.

PDF Version-6 Portrait Lighting Patterns Every Photographer Should Know

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