Monday 12/6/21: Post-Production (Editing) Tricks

Today’s Agenda:

  • Post-Production Tricks: Spot Healing Brush + Adjusting with Layer Masks
  • Work on your Final Project (Monthly Challenge #3)
  • Study for your final quiz (study materials are in the Important Links channel on Teams)
  • Past Due Missing Work must be turned in this week-no late work will be accepted next week!

Friday’s video mentioned how to improve your photo composition in post-production (another term for editing).

This video tutorial I recorded for you shows how to use the Spot Healing Brush to eliminate spots, stains, pimples, trash, etc. and using layer masks with adjustments in order to apply an adjustment to specific parts of your photo only.

Spot Healing Brush + Adjusting w/ Layer Masks

After watching this, open any photo of yours on Photoshop and try out the tools!  This is the best way to remember how to do it later.

FYI-Finals Week Schedule:

Final Exams Fall 2021


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