Wed. 1/12/22: Your 2021 in Photos Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete yesterday’s questions and turn them in on Teams (please check that you fully answered the questions or else I can’t award the full points). Adding the images you chose to talk about in the questions is optional but preferred!
  • Begin Your 2021 Year in Photos Project!


Due by Friday’s class

Publish as a blog post or turn in as a PowerPoint slideshow.  Please indicate which option you chose. 


A. Using your personal photos, show us your 2021 in pictures.

B. Show us the best photography YOU CAPTURED in 2021.

C. Using Internet photos, show us your 2021 in pictures.

D. Using both personal and Internet photos, show us your 2021 in pictures.

E. Recap what you learned 1st semester with photos you captured for this class.


Include at least 10 photos. -20 points

Include a sentence below each photo to describe what is happening or what you’re showing us. -10 points

End with a short paragraph reflection about how the last year treated you personally. Address any accomplishments, realizations, inspiration, new experiences, challenges, cherished moments, etc. (Share only what you’re comfortable with). -10 points

40 points possible



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