Friday 2/4/22: Me no like the wind!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Get caught up with all assignments!
  • Photographer Videos-Extra Credit Opportunity!

Extra Credit!!

Grab some headphones and watch any of the videos below.  In a Word document, type up at LEAST 7 statements about the video.  The statements can be something you learned, something interesting you saw/heard, reactions, inspiration you got from the video, etc.

Want to become a photographer? This video series, brought to you by Joy of Giving Something, Inc,. features working professionals in the field of photography. This episode features Tom Schierlitz and editorial photography.


Cloning photo shoot at home. She edits with Snapseed instead of Photoshop.


Hello, my name is Jessica Kobeissi. I am an Arab American fashion and portrait photographer based in Detroit, Michigan.I like cats and batman.


London-born Edward always wants to do better. This work ethic has propelled him in his career taking him from an editor at Nickelodeon to Director of Content Acquisition and Co-Production at Cartoon Network Asia; and also in his creative pursuits – from photography enthusiast to shooting commercial campaigns for Nike, Volkswagen, Louis Vuitton and Cathay Pacific. Edward has spoken passionately about the benefits of social media at both General Assembly and Apple, and is keen to push the boundaries further.

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