Tuesday 3/8/22: UnSeen Observer Project-Masks and Scavenger Hunt

Today’s Agenda:

  • Discuss the project: printing and scanning photos, begin scavenger hunt
  • Complete past projects

Masks:  Bring in photos you need to scan for me to print out.  Send me a link to your OneDrive for any photos saved there for me to print out.  I will print out everyone’s studio portrait as well.

Scavenger Hunt: you can begin taking the ones where a mask is not required.  Create a folder in your OneDrive titled “Unseen Observer Scavenger Hunt” to save them in.


Password: shs-dl2022!

  1. Reflections-6
  2. Shadows-6
  3. Abstract/Textures/Forms-4
  4. Frame within Frame-4
  5. Freeze/Blur Motion-6
  6. Locations-6
  7. Others interacting/wearing mask-unlimited
  8. Photos of photos/letters-unlimited
  9. Self portrait without showing yourself-unlimited


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