Monday 3/28/22: Studio Portraits for Unseen Observer

Today’s Agenda:

  • The goal is to get everyone’s studio portraits taken this week!
  • Turn in your first scavenger hunt challenge (past due)
  • Choose a second scavenger hunt challenge to work on this week (due this Friday)
  • Next week we will begin the Still Life Studio Photos-begin making a list of items that you will bring to use!
  • Keep all your photos (original and edited) saved in your One Drive folders (see previous post)

Studio Sign Ups this week:

  • 3/28: Max
  • 3/29: Faris
  • 3/30: Kailey & Celeste, 2nd lunch: ?
  • 3/31: Irene, 2nd lunch: ?
  • 4/01:    ?  , 2nd lunch: Anthony + Magaly

Not signed up yet: Ulises & Isabella

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