Monday 4/4-Friday 4/8: Natural Light Portraits

This Week’s Agenda:

  • Complete or fix your Battle of the Lenses: Focal Length Portrait Experiment blog post to turn ASAP
  • Natural Light Portraiture PPT and Photo Shoots
  • Videos and demonstrations on reflectors and diffusers
  • Portrait shoot outside with reflectors and diffusers
  • Edit photos to post on blog and turn in on Teams

PowerPoint: Natural Light Portrait Assignment

Open the PowerPoint to read through the instructions.  Part 2 has two videos that you must view. (The links in the PPT may not work, so they’re provided below as well).

Natural Light Portraits Shots:

  • Front lighting
  • Side Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Open Shade
  • Dappled Light
  • “Garage” Light
  • Window Light
  • Reflector-before and after (use to fill in shadows)
  • Diffuser-before and after (use to soften direct sunlight)

Checklist_Natural Light Portraits


  • Settings: Manual Mode, ISO 100, aperture f-stop as low as possible (so you only need to change shutter speed to alter exposure!)
  • Use portrait orientation and get top of shoulders and up, don’t leave too much space above head
  • Use 70-85mm focal length
  • Don’t use “live mode”, look through viewfinder instead

Posting Instructions: Edit your photos. You only need one photo for each type of lighting. Caption with type of lighting and camera settings (example: Open Shade, M, f5.6, 1/800, ISO 100, 70mm).

For the reflector and diffuser photos, you need to show the before & after, but you only need to edit the “after” photo.

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