Thursday 4/21/22: Feedback on ideas + turn in missing work!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Photo Essay Idea Feedback on Padlet
  • Check your grade on Q!  This is what’s going in the progress report that I’m submitting today
  • Turn in Missing and Incomplete Assignments
  • If you need to check out a camera for this weekend, you need to check it out today. Come by during your lunch or after school.

Padlet Photo Essay Project Feedback

  1. Go back to Padlet  (Go to Class Blog Link channel on Teams for your class Padlet link)
  2. If you haven’t already, share your photo essay project ideas.  It’s okay if you’re undecided, share what you’re considering!
  3. Then go around and read the ideas that everyone else posted.
  4. Select at least TWO different idea posts and share some feedback and suggestions!  You can even describe the type of shots you think they should try to capture.

Get a screenshot of YOUR post on Padlet AND of your feedback (two).  Turn in these 3 screenshots to Teams!

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