Monday 8/15/2022- Elements of Art in Photography

Today’s Agenda:

  • Collect Camera Contracts
  • PowerPoint on Elements of Art in Photography with Notes Worksheet
  • Blog Post Activity: Vivian Maier Photo Scavenger Hunt for Elements of Art

Ansel Adams, a famous American landscape photographer, once said,

 “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

What is the difference between taking and making a photograph?



Click here to open Elements of Art in Photography PowerPoint

Click here for Notes Worksheet that you can download or use the one already provided for you in the Teams assignment, “Notes: Elements of Art in Photography”.


Step 1: Visit the Vivian Maier photography website:

Step 2: Click on “Portfolios” to view various collections of her photographic work.

Step 3: Find a photo that demonstrates the use of each of the 7 elements of art we covered in the PPT.  Save the photos to your OneDrive or Desktop and change the file name to the element it represents before you save it. To save images from Internet: right click and select “save image as…” then select where you want to save it!

Step 4: When you have all seven photos, create a new post on your blog, titled “Elements of Art in Vivian Maier’s Photos”.  Post all 7 photos as a photo gallery and caption each photo with the element it demonstrates.

You can follow my video tutorial on how to upload photos as an image gallery here: Publishing a Blog Post with Image Gallery

Step 5: Explain how each photo demonstrates that particular element of art in a separate paragraph below the photo gallery on your post.

Step 6: Review your work (re-read to catch mistakes, etc.) and publish. Then copy the published post link to turn in on Teams to the assignment, “Blog Post: Element of Art/Vivian Maier”


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