Thursday 8/18/22: Elements of Art Photo Project!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Introduction to Elements Scavenger Hunt Photo Project
  • Begin Documentary: “Finding Vivian Maier”

Elements Scavenger Hunt Photo Project

Due: Wednesday August 24, 2022

4-Elements Scavenger Hunt-Phones


  • Applying the Elements of Art in YOUR photography.
  • Using editing features on your phone to enhance and crop photos.
  • Uploading photos from your phone to the computer.

You will use your phone* to capture your photographs for this project. Once you have captured your photographs, you will upload them to your computer. Title each photograph with the element it is meant to capture. Save the 11 photographs in a folder titled: Your Name-Elements Scavenger Hunt

Your focus is the elements of photography. You will have 11 photographs in total to take, each photograph should highlight the element you have assigned to it.

  1. Line: used to direct the viewer’s eyes to a focal point.
  2. Line: to show movement or pattern.
  3. Color: You choose how color is incorporated.
  4. Shape: one example of distinguishing shapes.
  5. Shape: one example of overlapping shapes.
  6. Contrast, pick one:
    1. Contrast through size.
    2. Contrast through lighting.
  7. Contrast, pick one:
    1. Contrast through texture.
    2. Contrast through color.
  8. Emphasis, pick two:
    1. Emphasis through positioning.
    2. Emphasis through framing.
    3. Emphasis through selective focus.
  9. Texture: You choose how texture is incorporated.
  10. Space: You choose how space is incorporated.

*Note: If you don’t have a phone you can take photos with, you can use an iPad if you have one. I also have a few point-and-shoot cameras I can lend out to those in need.  Please see me with your concerns or send me an email:

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