Monday 8/22/22: Post Bracketing Photos + Lightroom Tutorials

Today’s Agenda:

  • Post your bracketed photos on your blog according to instructions below
  • Intro to Lightroom-edit your best photo from Bracket Project

Bracketed Photos Project-Posting Instructions

Post your photos on your blog placing each series in a separate image gallery.  (So 4 galleries total).

Type a title above each gallery so I know which one is which (Fast Shutter, Slow Shutter, Great DOF, Shallow DOF).

Caption all photos with the camera Mode, Aperture f-stop, Shutter speed, ISO, and Focal length. MASIF! Example: M, f8, 1/200, 400ISO, 55mm.

Publish and turn in on Teams.

Lightroom Tutorials

1.Open Lightroom and spend some time getting acquainted with the program:  

  • You can go to “Help” at the top and select Guided or Online tutorials you can follow.
  • Or import any photo of yours and try out all the features yourself to see how they work.

2. Select your best photo from the bracketed photo project to edit in Lightroom.

Add the before and after to your bracketing post.  Simply add a new gallery at the bottom with the two photos. Caption with “before” and “after”.

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