Friday 9/2/22- More Lightroom Tutorials: Cropping & Selective Edits

Today’s Agenda:

  • More Lightroom Tutorials!
  • Complete missing assignments
  • Capture and/or edit photos for “Your World” project

Lightroom Tutorials

Complete by Thursday 9/8/22

The first link will take you to the video tutorials.  The second link provides a folder with photo files.  Download and save the photo files that match the videos so you can follow along.

After you complete a tutorial, save your edited photo (JPG small).  Post your before & after photos on your blog, titled: “Lightroom Tutorials for Cropping and Selective Edits”. 

Add a gallery block for each before & after set of photos.  Don’t forget to change the Link To gallery settings from “None” to “Medial File”.

Include the name of each tutorial with each set of before & after photos (at the top of that set).  Don’t forget to caption the photos “before” and “after”.

Crop and Adjust Perspective

Photo Files: Click here

  1. Crop a photo
  2. Straighten a crooked photo
  3. Adjust perspective with upright


Make Selective Edits

Photo Files: Click here

  1. Edit parts of the photo with Radial Gradients
  2. Apply local adjustments with Linear Gradients
  3. Use the Brush tool to change part of a photo
  4. Remove unwanted content with the Healing Brush


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