Thursday 9/8/22: Lightroom Tutorials

Today’s Agenda:

Show me you know how to use Lightroom by completing the following tutorials! Post your before & after edits from each tutorial to your blog titled, “Intro to Lightroom Tutorials”.

To get the photos that match the tutorials, open the photo files folder link.  Download the needed photos first, then save to your One Drive or desktop. (The folders contain extra photos, but you only need the ones from the videos).

Open the needed photo in Lightroom and use the headsets to follow along with the video tutorials.

These tutorials are pretty simple, I know. But I want to make sure we cover the basics before we move to more advanced editing tools.

Adjust Light and Color

Photo Files: Photos for the Adjust Light and Color Tutorials

Crop and Straighten

Photo Files: Photos for Crop and straighten tutorials


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