Tuesday 9/13/22: Camera Angles+ Blog Activity

Today’s Agenda:

  • Learning about camera angles and their purposes/effects
  • Check for understanding blog activity
  • Homework: look for a toy figure at home that you can use for an upcoming project

We will go over this camera angles presentation in class:

Camera Angles PowerPoint

Check for understanding activity:

It’s your turn to pass on this information to your audience on your blog!

Explain each camera angle* in your own words and find a photo online to show as an example.  It can’t be photos I already used in the PowerPoint!

Criteria: your online photo examples not only need to show the angle you’re explaining, but they also must follow a theme or aesthetic of your choice: animals, vintage, cars, fashion, food, black and white, nature, music, etc.

*Worm’s Eye View photography may be hard to find for many themes.  Feel free to use an example outside of your theme for this one.*

Publish and turn in on Teams.


Bring in a toy figure that you can use for a camera angles photo project on Thursday & Friday.


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