Tuesday 9/13/22: Presenting Group Photos + Critiques

Today’s Agenda: 

  • Groups present their shutter speed challenge photos
  • One person from each team posts on Padlet
  • Critiques Worksheet


Introduce yourselves and tell us your group name.

I will display your 3 photos on everyone’s screen while you tell us about the photos: how you captured it, what you were going for, challenges, etc.

Audience will ask questions.

Padlet Gallery Wall:

One person from each group needs to post the following on Padlet:

Subject: Life in the Fast Lane + Your Group Name.

Upload the best photo of the 3 and the link to view the rest of the photos on the blog (the link should not be in the caption or we can’t click on it).


Choose two groups to critique and fill out the worksheet provided in class. Turn in to me when you are done.

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