Monday 9/26/22: Portrait Lighting Patterns

Today’s Agenda:

  • Portrait Lighting Patterns Notes/Blog Activity

Portrait Lighting Patterns

You will use the two sources below as reference for this assignment:

6 Portrait Lighting Patterns

4 Common Portrait Lighting Patterns

Create a new blog post titled: Portrait Lighting Patterns.

In your own words, explain what the following portrait lighting patterns are and how to achieve them (include diagrams of the set ups too if you can):

  • Split
  • Loop
  • Butterfly
  • Rembrandt
  • Broad Lighting
  • Short Lighting

Then you need to hunt for your own portrait examples of each of the lighting techniques we covered using Google Images or other portrait websites-besides the ones we looked at. (You may have to use the Snipping Tool if the photo you saved doesn’t upload to Edublogs).

Post on your blog as a gallery and caption each portrait with the lighting style it demonstrates. (You may also choose to upload each photo individually after each of your explanations, your choice!)

Turn in the link to you blog post in Teams!

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