Thursday 11-3-22: Finishing DOF photos

Today’s Agenda:

  • Aperture/DOF Photos are now due by tomorrow.  Get them done!
  • “Live Mode” (14 below) camera tip for focusing.
  • Check your scores on Q-there have been more glitches lately! Progress reports are due Monday 11/7/22!
  • Don’t forget you need a 100% on the Camera Safety “open-notebook” test located in the 1-Class Blog and Padlet Link channel to check out cameras overnight.
  • For periods 3, 5, and 6 ONLY: Take the 2-question Quiz in Teams assignments (I accidentally left these two questions out from the Aperture and Exposure quiz on 10/28!  Oops!)  (We need to wait on this because the website with the camera simulator is currently down.)


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