Wednesday 11/9/22: Ghosting!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Ghost effects with slow shutter speeds

Ghost Effect

Using the same camera settings as yesterday, your group will be creating ghost effects today.  (Highest f-stop number, ISO 100)

The only difference is that we may only need shutter speeds of 5-12 seconds, probably not any longer than that.  But it totally depends on how the exposure turns out, so expect a lot of trial and error to figure it out. If photographing outside, your shutter speed range maybe 1/5-3 seconds or so.

Take turns as photographer and as subjects.  Everyone in the group should attempt at least 2 ideas, if time allows

You can take photos in the classroom or outside, or both!

You need 15 minutes at the end of the period to make sure all your group members save all the photos taken by the group.

Remember to copy and paste the photos to your OneDrive instead of dragging them there!

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