Monday 11/14/22: “Long Exposure Photographers” Blog Activity

Hey everyone,

I have to report to jury duty today. I don’t know if I’ll be dismissed or if I have to report more days this week. Please stay updated on this site and Teams! See you soon… I hope!

If you borrowed a camera from me on Friday you can drop off with Mr. Valdez in room E108.

-Ms. De La Rosa

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete and turn in the Light Painting + Ghost Effect Blog Post from last week (due today)
  • Begin the “Long Exposure Photographers” Blog Activity described below (due tomorrow)

“Long Exposure Photographers” Blog Activity*

Step 1: Click the following 7 photographer names to view their slow shutter/long exposure photography!

  1. Alexey Titarenko
  2. Tokihiro Sato
  3. Francesca Woodman
  4. Gjon Mili  (Check out Mili’s Picasso series too, click here)
  5. Nick Fancher
  6. Hiroshi Sugimoto
  7. Diana Robinson (Find more of her photos in the 2nd & 3rd photo slide show by clicking here)

Step 2: Publish a post on your blog titled, “Long Exposure Photographers”, and include the following:

  • Type out the name of each photographer listed above and in 2 or more sentences describe the photographer’s work (NOT what you think about it, but how you would describe it to someone else in the class…like the subject matter/style/technique/aesthetic, etc.).  
  • Add your favorite photo from the photographer you liked the most. Caption the photo with the photographer’s name. (Save as a JPEG or use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot of it then save as JPEG). 
  • Under the photo, add a short paragraph explaining why you chose that photographer and why you chose that particular photo. 3-4 sentences.
  • Then answer the following question: If you could create a photograph inspired by this photographer or photo that you chose, what would you photograph and how do you think you would do it?

*If you prefer, you can type all this on a Word document or PowerPoint slideshow instead. But you still need to create the blog post and simply add the document or slideshow to it.

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