AdvPhoto: Photo Project: Family Multiple Exposures

Shizu Saldamando-Inspired

(Up to slide 35 only)

Homework over break:

  1. Get snapshots and portraits of family and/or loved ones
  2. Photograph various textures/fabric/patterns
  3. Photograph various locations

Week of 11/28-12/2: Family Multiple Exposures

Produce the following composites using blending modes on Photoshop to create double and multiple exposures:

  1. Family portrait + an interior or exterior space (interior preferred) that you took*
  2. Family portrait + a fabric/pattern photo that you took*
  3. Family portrait + interior/exterior space* + self-portrait*

To begin a multiple exposure composite, create a new file on photoshop 8×10 or 10×8 inches with 300 ppi.  You will place the photos you’re working with on this blank document/canvas.

Experiment with opacity and image adjustments to create various results.

Post the best one of each composite to your blog. Include an artist statement for each photo to explain what you are showing us and why.  Explain your artistic decisions!



PowerPoint: Double Exposure Steps

Turn in to Teams by end of 12/2/22.


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