Friday 11/18/22: Levitation Blog Post

Today’s Agenda:

  • Camera check-out winners are shown below.
  • Post your photos from yesterday according to instructions below…
  • You may go back outside to try more freezing action ideas. I love to see the creativity that comes out of this!

Levitation/Fast Shutter Speed Blog Post

Due by Monday 11/28/22

Select the best 3-5* photos captured by your group to post on your blog as a gallery.  *At least ONE of those photos needs to be taken by you and ANOTHER photo needs to feature you in it. You don’t have to edit them, though I suggest you at least crop them a little if needed.

Caption all 3-5 photos with the camera settings (MASIF).

Include a paragraph where you explain to your viewers what the assignment was about, what you enjoyed, and what was most challenging.

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