AdvPhoto Monday 12/5/22: Photo Final

Final Photo Portfolio Project

Due on Monday 12/12/22. Present to class on Tuesday 12/13/22.

For your final, you will produce a series of photographs that demonstrate good exposure, composition, and a creative/observant eye. Create a photographic response for each of the prompts below:

  1. A photograph that demonstrates something you find beautiful.
  2. A photograph with a unique perspective.
  3. A photograph that emphasizes the main subject with either creative framing device or contrast.
  4. A photograph that reveals something about you.
  5. A photo of your choice that demonstrates thoughtful composition.

Think out your shots before you start! Here some things to consider…

  • Who/what are you representing?
  • What are you excluding (not showing)?
  • Where are you standing (angles, locations)?
  • When are you taking the photo (time of day or what lighting situation)?
  • Why are you making this picture?
  • How might this picture affect others?

Use the PowerPoints below for reference:

Elements of Art in Photography

Camera Angles

Rules of Composition

Posting Instructions:

Post to your blog as a gallery with only 1 column. Change “Link To” to Media File! Caption each photo with camera settings.

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