Monday 12/5/22: Study Guides & Photo Projects

Today’s Agenda:

  • Work on the 4 photo projects
  • Review study guide materials for your final quiz on finals day
  • School Campus Survey
  • This Wednesday you can come in after school if you need extra time or help!

Aperture and Shutter Speed Projects Due Monday 12/12/22

The 4 photo projects are due in a week!! Use every opportunity you have to take photos during class.

4 Photo Projects PPT

Final Quiz Study Materials:

The final quiz will have 30 questions, max.


Elements of Art in Photography

Camera Angles

Rules of Composition


Aperture and Depth of Field

Shutter Speed Explained

Practice Tests (take as often as you like as practice, they will show answers upon submission):

Elements of Art Practice Quiz

Camera Angles Practice Quiz

Rules of Composition Practice Quiz

Exposure, Aperture, and Shutter Speed

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