Tuesday 1/31/23: First Semester Review + Portrait Questions Blog Post

Today’s Agenda:

  • We will do a quick review quiz as a class to refresh our memories about some camera angles, rules of composition, and more.
  • Portrait Questions Blog Post-see instructions below…
  • You can take photos indoors only for your photo challenge today.

Portrait Questions Blog Post

Step 1: Go to Google Images and type in “Portrait Photography”.  Look through the photos and also try the subcategories for more types of portraits.

Step 2: Save 3 portraits that you loved the most from your search.

Step 3: Post the portraits on a blog post titled “Portrait Questions” and address the following:

  1. What did you like about each of the 3 portraits you chose?
  2. List 3 questions you can think of about taking professional portraits of people.
  3. Who in your life would you like to photograph for a portrait project?
  4. In your opinion, what are some reasons we take portraits?

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