P.4 Friday 2/3/23: Sweet Shoot-Food Photography

Today’s Agenda:

  • Food Photography Tips Blog Post
  • Sweet Shoot Photos Next Week
  • Plan with your partner or groups

Food Photography Tips Blog Post

Do some online research on food photography tips. Create a blog post that provides your audience with at least 7 food photography tips. Tips can include things regarding staging/styling, lighting, camera settings, angles, etc. The more specific the tips, the better! Include the URL of the 3+ websites you get your info from.

Add a gallery with professional photo examples of: (no basic photos, lol)

  1. your favorite thing to eat for breakfast
  2. favorite fruit or veggie
  3. your favorite candy or other sweet treat
  4. your favorite savory snack or appetizer
  5. one of your favorite dinner dishes
  6. your favorite dessert

DYLAN + JENI: Food Photographers


Work with a partner or group of 3 for our first food photography assignment!

Today and Monday:

Plan with your partner or group! Figure out where you will shoot and what you will need in class. What sweet treat will you photograph together?  What props will you need?  Who’s bringing what? What kind of lighting do you want to achieve? Sketch out ideas?

Sweet Food Photography Google Image Search


Bring in sweets to photograph! Candy, cookies, cupcakes, pan dulce, pie, donuts, fruit, etc.  In addition, bring in any props you want to use with them (placemats, plates or bowls, cup of milk, fabric, utensils, wooden cutting boards or other surfaces, etc.).  Set up, style, light, and shoot!


Continue photo shoot.  Try new ideas!


More shooting if necessary.

With your partner, choose the best 3 photos you made.  Edit together and post individually to your blog (title it the same as this post).

-List your camera settings in the captions.***

-Include a contact sheet of ALL the photos taken as well.***

How to Make a Contact Sheet (Click Here)


Gallery Walk

Student examples:

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