Battle of the Lenses-Posting Instructions

Battle of the Lenses Experiment_Instructional Handout

Do not edit your photos*!

Uploading and Renaming Photos:

After uploading your photos to your OneDrive you will need to go through each photo to find the focal length in the settings:

How to find camera settings for saved photos

Rename each photo file according to its focal length and body length. Examples: FullBody_200mm, WaistUp_200mm, ShouldersUp_200mm… or… Body_85mm, Waist_85mm, Face_85mm.

This way you know which photo which is before uploading to your blog!!

Posting Instructions:

-Create a new post titled, “Battle of the Lenses Portrait Experiment.”

-Post your three 200mm photos in a gallery. Caption photos with camera settings. Ex: Av, f3.5, 1/200, ISO400, 200mm. <–PLEASE, caption in this format!!

Change the gallery settings to medium instead of thumbnail, and don’t forget to change the “Link to” to Media File!! Do this to each gallery.

-Add a new gallery (same post) and add your three 85mm photos. Caption photos with camera settings. Ex: Av, f3.5, 1/200, ISO400, 88mm.

-Repeat: Keep adding a new gallery for each focal length. Total of 5 galleries.

-Publish your post and attach the link to your published post on Teams. 🙂

*IF you absolutely have to edit, you will need to apply the exact same edits to every photo, I can show you how to copy & paste edits in Lightroom. Though I recommend you take the photos over again making sure you have good exposure with the camera, if there’s time.  Usually, a change in ISO is all that’s required.

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