Monday 4/3/23: Animal Mash Up-Photoshop Tutorial

Today’s Agenda:

  • Use headphones to view the Animal Mash Up Tutorial located in the Teams assignment for today.  You must open the assignment to get the video link for your class period.
  • Begin the Animal Mash Up Assignment Instructions provided below.

To begin the Animal Mash Up:

  1. Brainstorm ideas of two very different animals that can create an interesting mash up.
  2. Use Google Images to search for good quality photos of animals that you can use. Save them as JPEG files to your OneDrive.  Save several photos, so you have options. If they don’t save as JPEGs, use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot. If you don’t know how to do this, ask someone around you for help.
  3. Once you have two photos you think will mash up well, you need to watch the Photoshop video tutorial. The tutorial video is located in the Animal Mash Up assignment on Teams.

Mash Up Assignment Criteria

Learning Objective: use layer masks in Photoshop to create a “believable” animal mash up. By believable, I mean you did your best to blend and match the photos. See student examples below.

Assignment: Use the steps from the video tutorial to create, save, and then post your animal mash-up to your blog.

**If you enjoy this assignment/technique, create another mash-up for EXTRA CREDIT.  BUT, it should be something other than animal mash-up, such as:

  • Human + Animal Mash Up
  • Surreal Scene or Creature created from any photos
  • “Put Yourself in History”
  • Something else you can think of!

Posting instructions:

Add your animal mash up photo along with the 2 original photos you used in gallery mode.  Just for fun, name your new species in the title of your post!

If you create a second mash up for extra credit:

In the same post, add a second gallery with your second mash up + the original photos that you used for that one.

Change Link To–> Media File on the galleries.

Deadline: Thursday April 6th.

Check out some mash up from past students:


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