Tuesday 4/11/23: Local Professional Photographer Analysis

Today’s Agenda:

  • Answer questions about a local professional photographer
  • Post photo critiques on your blog

Has your family ever hired a photographer? For what occasion and what was the experience like? Did you and your family like the results?  

In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to look at a few different types of careers in photography. Photography can take you into a wide variety of fields-including some you may not expect-but we’ll begin with one we may have had experiences with: portrait and event photography.

Today we’re going to look at the work of a local wedding and portrait photographer. 

Open this document for instructions: Local Photographer Analysis

Part 1 consists of questions you’ll answer about his website on a Word document.

Part 2 asks you two critique a couple of photographs on your blog.

Turn in your Word document AND blog post link in the Teams assignment when you’re done!

P.S. This photographer will be our guest speaker this Friday 4/14/23! 🙂

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