Friday 4/21/23: Photojournalism Analysis + Reviewing Angles/Composition

Today’s Agenda:

  • Take the 10-question practice quiz on camera angles and rules of composition (located in today’s Teams assignment)
  • Blog Post Activity: Photojournalism Analysis

Here are the PowerPoints we used for Camera Angles and Rules of Composition, you may use them with the practice quiz:

Camera Angles.pptx

Rules of Composition.pptx

Blog Post Activity: Photojournalism Analysis

The Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles recognizes the work of photojournalists in the area every year.  These 17 images in the folder below are the 2022 winners from SCNG (Southern California News Group). This news group includes several newspapers, including some in the Inland Empire.  (One of these photos is taken in Fontana!)


1.Click this link to view the photographs that received award recognition withing the SCNG (Southern California News Group): Folder w SCNG Winning Images

2. Pick a photo that you think is great and answer the following questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES:

    • What do you see in the photo? Describe what you see as if describing it to someone who cannot see it.
    • What camera angle did the photographer use? Which rules of composition do you see in the photo and how? Or did they break a rule?  What other camera or lighting techniques are demonstrated?
    • What story is this photo telling? Give me your best guess as to what is going on and what is the backstory. What sort of mood or message can we get from the photo?
    • Why did you select this photo?  What makes it great?

3. Save the photo or take a screen shot so you can upload to your blog with the info above. Title your post, “Photojournalism Analysis”.

4. Now click on this link to get a little more info on the photos: you get the story right?

5. Publish your post and turn into the corresponding Teams assignment.

If you want to see all the winners (including college student winners) from this competition, click here:

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