Photo Essay-Final Project + Blog Activity

Let’s talk finals…

  • Final Exam: About 30 questions (study guides to follow)-On finals day (Seniors: May 18th)
  • Final Project: Photo Essay Project-Due Monday May 22nd (Seniors: May 17th)
  • Final Portfolio: Select your best 6 photos taken for this class (I will show you how to add a tab to your blog to place your portfolio gallery in)- Due Monday May 22nd (Seniors: May 17th)

Click here for details of the Photo Essay project: Photo Essay Project_PPT_2023

Blog Activity: Student Photo Essay Analysis

Due Friday 4/28/23

Below I included many past students’ photo essay links.  Choose at least 5 links to VIEW photo essays produced by past students (but I HIGHLY recommend looking at all of them if you have time!). Then select the 2 that you find most interesting and answer the following questions on a blog post for each:​

  1. Who’s photo essay did you pick? (Find the student’s name and photo essay title.)
  2. What kinds of things do the photos show us? Literally! Quickly describe each photo.
  3. What is the photo essay about?​​
  4. Did you learn anything from the photo essay? How did it make you feel? What did it make you think about?

***If it asks for a passcode to view, it is “photo”. ***

@whyknotte – Fern’s photos (

Final Essay Project | Jacobs Photoblogs (

Photo Essay Project – Joshua’s Photo Blog (

Reality of Covid-19 – Victoria’s Photo Blog (

My Dad (Photo Essay Project) | Anahi’s Photo World (

Photo Essay Project – Academic Stress – Photogenic Cat (

My Photo Essay – Itzel’s photography (

photo essay project- portraits | $elene photo blog$ (

Culture and Fun | rubi’s photo blog (

Our School Environment – A Photo Essay – The Photo Diaries (

My photo essay project: my friend peter | yamans photo blog (




Photo Essay_MomWorkingHard.pptx

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