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P.4 Lifestyle Senior Portraits Tips

Advanced Photography Project List and Deadlines

Lifestyle/Senior Portrait Photography

Blog Post Assignment

Create a new blog post that contains at least 5 lifestyle/senior portrait tips. You can use the resources below or Google your own.

Then search the Internet for inspiration! Save senior portraits or lifestyle portraits that you personally love. Add a gallery to your post containing at least 6 inspo portraits.  It can include photos from the sources I provided below.







P.4 3/1/24- Portrait of a Place: Architecture Photography

Portrait of a Place: Architecture Photography

To prepare for the architecture project you’ll need to collect some tips and advice!

-Create a blog post with what you consider to be the best 3 tips in architecture/real estate photography using the sources below. Explain the tips in detail but in your own words (do not cut and paste!) and be prepared to present the tips to the class on Monday. 😉

-In this same post, make a list of 3 places you would consider photographing for this project (I recommend one of those places to be your home). Your photos would mostly demonstrate the exterior of the place you choose.

Use these sources:

Adv Photo 2/26: Flash Portrait Photography

Today’s Agenda:
  • Flash Portrait Photography Post
  • Catch up on missing assignments

Flash Portrait Photography Post:
-Before and after of front facing flash on subject
-Before and after of bouncing flash on reflector (reflector lights subject).
Post your before and after photos on your blog and turn in on Teams.  Include camera settings in the captions. Also include a brief summary of the process for each photo (basically I need to know which set is which).

Cinema Style Color Palettes!

Hello everyone. I will be back in the classroom tomorrow. We will then begin the Focal Length Portrait experiment. Remember I need groups of 3, so if you know who you want to work with, please let me know in the “Miscellaneous” channel on Teams! Thanks!

Cinema Color Palette using Photoshop!

You’re going to use the Eyedropper Tool in Photoshop to sample colors from a photo. You’ll create a color palette like the Cinema Palettes seen here: Cinema Palettes

  1. Open the Photoshop Template I made for you here: Color Palette Photoshop Template File
  2. First DOWNLOAD, then open the Photoshop file. SOON AS YOU OPEN IN PHOTOSHOP, SAVE IT!!!
  3. Select a photo YOU have taken and already have saved. Pick one that you think has nice combination of colors AND it has to be taken in horizontal orientation (like cinema film).
  4. Below is the video (plus the link, in case it won’t play on Edublogs).  If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask those around you. 🙂
  5. When you are done, export as a jpg to your OneDrive.
  6. Post on your blog title it, “My Photo Color Palette” and turn in the link on Teams.
  7. If you enjoyed this activity, try it with more of your photos!

Shortcut reminders:

  • To resize a photo: CTRL+T (hit enter after you resize)
  • Zoom out: CTRL+”Minus sign”
  • Zoom in: CTRL+”Plus sign”
  • To deselect (get rid of a selection area): CTRL+D
  • To undo: CTRL+Alt+Z

Click this link if the video below doesn’t play.

Tues. 2/20/24: Color Correction/White Balance

Sorry I’m out today.  I should be back tomorrow. Since you can’t use cameras today, please complete the activity below, post on your blog, and turn in by end of the period today!

*Advanced photo students: do this as well even you may have done this last year; this time it’s using Lightroom.

Color Correction/White Balance Activity

Due today!

Save a copy of the 5 photos provided in the following folder to your OneDrive: Color Correction Photo Sources

Open the photos in Lightroom. You will attempt to correct the color cast of each photo so it has more natural looking colors.

Save the color corrected photos in the same folder as the originals.

Post your before and after for each photo on your blog as a gallery with 2 columns. Turn in on Teams. Even if you don’t complete all 5.

Here is an example of your goal for each:

Use any of these features in Lightroom to achieve the corrections:

Sometimes Temp and Tint is all you need, but I find using the Color Mixer plus Color Grading for the shadows, midtones, and highlights useful as well.

Adv Photo Tues 2/13/24: Intro to flash photography

Today’s Agenda:

  • Article with Questions
  • EdPuzzle Video on soft portrait lighting

Click here to open a beginner’s guide to flash photography:

1.Create a new blog post titled, “Beginner’s Guide to Flash Photography”. Answer the following questions:

  1. Why is it emphasized that even photographers with a natural light style should have a strong understanding of flash photography?
  2. What are the top five reasons given in the article for using flash in photography?
  3. How does flash photography offer control over the direction of light, especially in challenging shooting conditions?
  4. What is the difference between TTL and Manual Flash, and why does the article prefer manually controlling the flash?
  5. Can you name and describe the five most common light patterns discussed in the article?
  6. What are the four qualities of light mentioned in the article, and how do they affect the artistic outcome of a photograph?
  7. Explain the balancing act between flash and ambient light, and how it contributes to achieving a natural or dramatic look in photos.
  8. What is the Inverse Square Law in flash photography, and how does it affect the intensity of light based on the distance from the light source?
  9. Describe the purposes and differences between bounce flash and direct flash as discussed in the article.
  10. In the context of flash photography modifiers, explain the purpose of a shoot-through umbrella and why it is considered a valuable modifier.

2.Now click this link to watch a 1 minute video on Edpuzzle:

Creating Soft Portrait Lighting with On-Camera Flash

On the same blog post as above, explain what was demonstrated in the video.