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Portrait Lighting

Nature At Its Finest

The ants are building a new home in my backyard. I just hope they don’t find their way inside my house.
I thought that this lemon was cool and unique because it has green and yellow.
I like this flowers because they are very bright and colorful. I seen them every time I go out somewhere.
I though of taking a picture of these peaches because it is rare when they ripe. So maybe by taking a picture they’ll feel special and ripe more :’D
I really like pink roses and I thought this one was well spread out and very unique I wanted to expose its beauty.
I also love red roses. I like how it came out really red and how the green contrasts the red. The red and white also contrasts and I thought it was really unique.
I decided to photograph these flowers because they are tiny flowers that make up the big flowers and I really thought it was really unique of this flowers.

I decided to do the nature photo essay because I believe that we do not appreciate nature and what nature is to us. Nature is important to us humans because nature provides our food and oxygen for us to breath. Nature is a constant in our life that we keep destroying it by littering or building new malls or houses that are not necessary at the time. I feel we do not value nature as much as we used to. This photo essay I made was meant to inspire other to look outside and see the beauty in the nature around us.

I has fun making this photo essay because it made me look more closely at the nature behind and around me. These shots were taken in my front and backyard. This project made me think a lot about how we don’t spend much time outside and more time online or on social medias. IT gave me time to reflect and appreciate what I have in my own backyard. It is all beautiful. My flowers, my fruit, and my trees. Every parts of nature is unique and different from each other (like you can see the lemon (I think it is) that is yellow and green like swirls). I really had fun with this project and made me reflect and want to share it with my family and friends. Hope you enjoy.

Environmental Portraits of “Jr”

  1. What do you do in your free time?
  2. What are your favorite thing to do? Why?
  3. Why do you like to do it?
  4. Explain why you like to take pictures?
  5. What is your most proud work you have photo shopped?
  6. Do you consider yourself a professional?
  7. Explain why you like football?
  8. What is your favorite football team? Why
  9. Do you wish to go to a live NFL game? Why?
  10. What do you hope to accomplish your life time?


  1. “Play Xbox and Photoshop that’s about it”
  2. “Go fixie riding”
  3. “Because it LIT and keeps me in shape”
  4. “Photography is all about capturing the moment the moment that you wish you could have forever”
  5. “I don’t have one. I like all of them that’s why.” But if he had to choose one he would choose the double exposure of his cousin.
  6. “No I do not because I do not”
  7. “Because you get to see people get laid out”
  8. “San Francisco 49ers because of their colors and their Legendary players that were on their team”
  9. “Yes, because I want to see people get laid out in real life” he says kidding but the real reason is “Nah because I wanna to be some of those players”
  10. “In this life? Either one be a professional photographer or be a therapist

Annie Leibovitz

I feel Annie Leibovitz takes very good environmental pictures because she shows the deeper meaning of the person. For example, I choose a pictures of a girl starting to put on make up she looks like she is insecure as she puts it on she starts to fake her insecurities to show her “confidence.” The picture Leibovitz takes really takes the time to get to know her subject and shows their qualities as their own person. Like for example, I choose two pictures of two men that show their qualities. For the first man, it shows that he is intelligent in his work places with design of engineering. The other man is inside his truck and knowing my dad men are very proud of how they maintain their cars and trucks. I really like how Annie Leibovitz presents her subject she gets their main and true qualities.

Critique on Brian Harkin

event planner Bronson Van Wyck
photo © 2013 Brian Harkin

Step 1: Describe What You See

In this picture I see a man pouring a glass of champagne. There is red flowers next to the glasses he is pouring. Also next to the glasses he is pouring there is an ice bucket. From the look of his face he just opened the bottle and is hoping he doesn’t spill it or he is just exaggerating what he is doing.

Step 2: Analyze the Composition

The background is in a way blurred to create a more focus to the guy and what he is doing. The man is placed more in the left side and center of the picture cutting out his elbow a bit. The cup he is pouring the champagne into creates the rule of thirds. The front of the bottle and his hands are also blurred causing us to look more at what he is doing.

Step 3: Interpret What It Communicates

What I think it is trying to communicate is that he loves his job and likes organizing fancy and elegant parties. That he also has a good taste in fancy parties. It’s also trying to communicate that he feels comfortable in what he is wearing. He also seems happy and relaxed in his environment by the look on his face. He loves his work.

Step 4: Evaluate/Judge

I really like his work it. It’s very organized the way he set up his environment of this party planner. I like how he had him make a face and pour the wine as if he was having fun working. The background seems very elegant and very bright. He knew how to balanced his colors and objects on the screen.

My 2017 Vision Board

Two favorite memories would be the day I got photo with my novio (the black and white picture of me and him) and the day my novio gave my Christmas present (The black and white Michael Kors watch).

Three things I am grateful is my novio (a picture of him), my cousin that I call twin (a picture of her), and for my uncle that cares very much for me (a picture of me and him)

One hard lesson I learnt this year would be to keep an open mind (the unlocked lock)

One thing I did this year and I’m proud of is I did my confirmation (the dove with fire).

Three place that I want to go to are Las Vegas, Malibu, and San Francisco (The three colored stamps.

Two things that I could help in would be donating money to the St. Jude Children’s hospital (the logo of St. Jude Children’s hospital) and donate my hair to Locks of Love to help the cancer patients get wigs.

One thing I want to get better at is editing videos and pictures (Photoshop and Adobe Premiere icons)

Two things I am looking forward to this year is driving (the car) and getting my license (DMV logo)

Three things I want to try buy my own car (the black Honda) get a job (the find a job logo) and buy the Michael Kors bag I’ve been wanting (Michael Kors black bag).