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Tuesday 1/31/23: First Semester Review + Portrait Questions Blog Post

Today’s Agenda:

  • We will do a quick review quiz as a class to refresh our memories about some camera angles, rules of composition, and more.
  • Portrait Questions Blog Post-see instructions below…
  • You can take photos indoors only for your photo challenge today.

Portrait Questions Blog Post

Step 1: Go to Google Images and type in “Portrait Photography”.  Look through the photos and also try the subcategories for more types of portraits.

Step 2: Save 3 portraits that you loved the most from your search.

Step 3: Post the portraits on a blog post titled “Portrait Questions” and address the following:

  1. What did you like about each of the 3 portraits you chose?
  2. List 3 questions you can think of about taking professional portraits of people.
  3. Who in your life would you like to photograph for a portrait project?
  4. In your opinion, what are some reasons we take portraits?

Thursday 1/26/23: Gallery Walk + Photo Challenges


  • Gallery Walk: Macro Photography
  • Monthly Photo Challenges

Gallery Walk instructions will be displayed in class: Gallery Walk Instructions

You will turn in the feedback you received to me at the end of the gallery walk.

Monthly Photo Challenges

Part of improving any skill or talent is PRACTICE. The following challenges ask that you observe your surroundings more carefully to capture interesting photographs.

These challenges are to be completed on your own time, or when you are finished with class projects/assignments. Though I encourage capturing the photos with DSLR cameras when possible, using your phone’s camera also works.

You will need to complete TWO challenges a month. I will post a separate Teams Assignment for each challenge. Due dates are listed below.

For each challenge you will need to post your best 3 edited photos.  You will post ALL photo challenges on the same blog post every time. You will simply add a new gallery for each challenge. (So, you’ll be attaching the same link for every photo challenge assignment on Teams.)

You can complete the challenges in any order until you complete them all!

­Due Dates: 2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/29, 4/12, 4/26



Tuesday 1/24/23: Blog Activity-Defining Macro Photography


  • Finish Macro Photography Project if you’re behind.
  • Blog Post Activity: Defining Macro Photography

Blog Post Activity: Defining Macro Photography

Due by end of period Wednesday 1/25/23

Step 1: Click to read this article:What is Macro Photography?

Step 2: Create a blog post that answers the following questions…

  1. What are some questions you should ask yourself as you are taking photographs?
  2. What is macro photography?
  3. What does photographer Ben Long mean when he says: It’s an alien world when you get into the macro level”?
  4. Why does Ben Long suggest you start macro photography with your refrigerator?
  5. What makes a great macro image?
  6. According to Long, what us the hardest thing about macro photography?  Do you agree or disagree and why?
  7. The article continues by providing 5 Macro Photography Tips.  List and summarize each one (try to summarize in 2 sentences or less for each photo tip).

Step 3: Check out the work of these 13 macro photographers: 13 Remarkable Macro Photographers

Look at the work of all the photographers featured in this article. If you don’t recognize what the photos are, make sure to read a little to find out!

Step 4: Select your favorite photographer of the 13. In the same post as the questions above, add the following information:

  • Tell us about the photographer (name, where they’re from, etc.)
  • What type of macro photos do they make? Explain/describe.
  • What camera and lens do they use?  (See if you can find out how much these cameras and lenses cost and include that info as well.)
  • Why did you pick this as your favorite of the 13?
  • Do a Google search of the photographer to see more of their work! Upload 2-3 photos you like from that photographer to your blog post (if you can’t save as a JPEG, use the Snipping Tool to take screenshots and save as JPEG).

Tuesday 1/17/23: Concluding The Best Year Photoshop Collage


  • Adding drop shadows (optional but looks cool!) to your collage images.
  • Complete as much of your collage as possible. Leave about 10-15 minutes at the end of the period to complete the last steps of turning it in.
  • Follow Postingt instructions below and turn in link on Teams (new students, follow the alternate instructions).

The Best Year Photoshop Collage-Posting Instructions:

-Once your collage is saved as a JPEG, post your finished collage in full size on your blog. Title the post “Best Year Collage”.

-Copy and paste the prompts + your responses from the Word document under the collage for me to reference.

Publish your blog post and attach the link in the Teams assignment.

Here’s my blog post example:

New students: we will create your blog website this week. In the meantime, attach the JPEG file of your collage + your Word doc in Teams.  We’ll post them on your blog later. 🙂

Tuesday 1/10/23: Welcome Back to Second Semester!

Welcome back, everyone!

Today’s Agenda:

“The Best Year” Photoshop Collage Assignment

Due Friday 1/13/23

Objective: Reflecting on the year behind us and setting goals for the future are both valuable endeavors. Here is your chance to take some time to think about where you’ve been and where you’re going.With this digital collage, you will refresh your memory on some Photoshop techniques as well as learn some new ones. In addition, you’re developing your ability to communicate ideas visually.

Part I:

Step 1: Fill in your responses to the prompts below. Pay attention to the number of responses required for each one.  Use this Word Document to type your responses and then save to your One Drive: The Best Year Word Doc

Step 2: Next, search for images online or for photos on your phone to represent EACH of your responses-THAT’S 18 IMAGES TOTAL. Save to your OneDrive as JPEG files. (If they don’t save as JPEG, take a screenshot using the Snip Tool instead.)

The images don’t have to literally illustrate your response, it can be symbolic.  Ex: a red rose can represent your hopes of talking to your secret crush this year. 😉 Use images that inspire you and reflect your personality, aesthetic, or style.

Step 3: Open this PowerPoint with a collage criteria and tutorials: Digital Collage Instructions and Videos

Please use a headset to view videos. They are located on the round table.

You can also try some self-paced Photoshop Tutorials that show you some of the same tools plus others.  Open up Photoshop, on the top right click Help. Then select Hands-on Tutorials.  Below are screenshots of tutorials you may try (indicated with red checkmarks), though you can try any you want:


Student Collage Examples:

Monday 12/5/22: Study Guides & Photo Projects

Today’s Agenda:

  • Work on the 4 photo projects
  • Review study guide materials for your final quiz on finals day
  • School Campus Survey
  • This Wednesday you can come in after school if you need extra time or help!

Aperture and Shutter Speed Projects Due Monday 12/12/22

The 4 photo projects are due in a week!! Use every opportunity you have to take photos during class.

4 Photo Projects PPT

Final Quiz Study Materials:

The final quiz will have 30 questions, max.


Elements of Art in Photography

Camera Angles

Rules of Composition


Aperture and Depth of Field

Shutter Speed Explained

Practice Tests (take as often as you like as practice, they will show answers upon submission):

Elements of Art Practice Quiz

Camera Angles Practice Quiz

Rules of Composition Practice Quiz

Exposure, Aperture, and Shutter Speed

Tuesday 11/29/22- Project 1: Object of Significance

Today’s Agenda:

  • Turn in missing assignments
  • Begin the Object of Significance photo project using shallow DOF

4 Projects PowerPoint

Think out your shots before you start! Here some things to consider…

  1. Who are you representing?
  2. What are you excluding (not showing)?
  3. Where are you standing (angles, locations)?
  4. When are you taking the photo (time of day or what lighting situation)?
  5. Why are you making this picture?
  6. How might this picture affect others?