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Final Project and Other Info

This week we will work on putting together a PowerPoint featuring some of your photographic work as the final project that you’ll turn in this semester!  Can you believe it’s almost over??

The PowerPoint is due on Monday December 11, 2023. It is worth 25 summative points. Download the PowerPoint and save to your OneDrive:

Final Project: Photo Class Recap PPT

On finals day we will have a short quiz covering camera angles, rules of composition, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I added more links and resources to the current Teams assignment* titled “Study Guides for Final Test”. (*The study guide assignment is not worth points; this is just for links to PowerPoints and Practice Quizzes.)

After the final test on finals day, we will share our Final Project PowerPoints with the class!

Double Exposure Portrait Project

Double Exposure Self-Portrait Project

Objective: create a variety of double exposure composites on Photoshop using portraits of yourself superimposed with images that express something about you.

Step 1

Create a practice double exposure portrait using the video tutorial below:

Double Exposure Portrait Tutorial Video

The video is on the second slide (after title slide).  Use headsets to listen.

Find black & white portraits online to use. Then save some landscape type of photos (save them in your OneDrive). Practice the tutorial with these online photos.  When you create something that you are happy with, flatten the image, and save as a JPEG in your One Drive. (You will be turning this is as part of your project).

Step 2

Get your photo taken with a white background in class.  I recommend about 3-5 different poses, so you have options.

Step 3

Create the 2 double exposure self-portraits: *First, make your portrait black & white with high contrast!

  1. Portrait of yourself + online photo to blend over
  2. Different portrait of yourself + another photo you’ve taken (or another self-portrait!)

Use the video tutorial above or use this PPT that has the steps typed out.  This one also includes how to use a layer mask: Double Exposure Typed Steps + Layer Mask

Put some thought into the type of images you want to use to blend on your portrait. Also, don’t settle for the first thing you create, it’s really easy to experiment and come up with new creations!  Have some fun, won’t ya?

Step 4-Posting Instructions:

When you have your one practice double exposure portrait + your two double exposure self-portraits completed and saved as JPEG files, post them to your blog.

Title: “Double Exposure Self-Portraits”. 

Click Insert Media and “create gallery”.

The first gallery needs to include your practice double exposure PLUS the online photos you used for it. So, this gallery will have 3 photos total. Thumbnail size, 3 columns, and link to media file.

Add a second gallery with your two double exposure self-portraits, change the size of the images from thumbnail to large, 2 columns, link to media file. Caption the one that uses your own photo landscape/background. Turn in on Teams!

My Example Post:


Monday 11/13/23: ISO Video and Blog Post Assignment

Today’s Agenda:

The ISO video is assigned in your class period Edpuzzle link in case you need to rewatch it for your blog post assignment.

ISO Blog Post Assignment

Create a blog post that answers the following questions:

  1. What is ISO?
  2. Why is s lower ISO value most desirable?
  3. What is noise?
  4. What are some situations in which you will need to increase your ISO?
  5. Google Image search: “Low ISO vs High ISO” and pick an image that shows a comparison between the two. Add to your post.

Turn in on Teams by the end of tomorrow.

Wednesday 11/8/23: Padlet “Gallery Walk”

Today’s Agenda:

  • Check your grades on Q!
  • Padlet “Gallery Walk”: Symbolic Portrait w Shallow DOF

Padlet Gallery Walk: Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow DOF

Part 1- Due NOW

Go to the Links Shortcuts channel on our Teams and click on the Padlet link. Click on the circle with the + sign on the bottom right to contribute:

Subject: your name

Click the file icon to upload the photo of YOU holding your item.

Then copy and paste the link to your Symbolic Portrait blog post in the area where you type (not in the caption, under that).

Part 2- Due by Monday Nov. 13th

Take a look at all the symbolic portraits posted in Padlet. Give a like (heart) to the ones you think the best job in fulfilling the project criteria.

Now, select another student’s blog post link, it can’t be the person you worked with and choose the photo you like best on their Symbolic Portrait blog post.

The password to view it is: photo

Answer the following questions on a Word document, which you’ll turn in to me when you’re done:

  •  Describe: what do you see, literally. ONLY what you SEE. No opinions or judgements.
  • Analyze how they made the photo: What camera angle did they use? What rule of composition did they use? Or how did they use the space in the frame? What f-stop did they use (it should be in the caption)? What elements of art are demonstrated (color, contrast, texture, shape, form, etc.).
  • Interpret: what is the photo about? What are they trying to express with their item? Does the photo have a certain vibe or mood?
  • Evaluate: How did they do? Did they fulfill all the criteria for the project? Did they achieve a good shallow depth of field? Or do you think they could have improved the shallow DOF? If so, explain how. Is there anything else you really like about this photo? What could have made it even BETTER?

Thurs. 11/2/23: Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow DOF

Symbolic Portrait with Shallow Depth of Field Project


Settings: Use Aperture Priority (Av), Auto ISO (or ISO of your choice), and you will probably need to switch to MF (manual focus) to get the object as sharp as possible.

Everyone needs to pick an item that is meaningful or represents something about them.

You will work with a partner in order to capture a symbolic portrait of each other using shallow depth of field so only the object is in focus and the person is out of focus.

This will be a collaborative effort so that each party involved is happy with the portrait taken of them. You will be the director and subject of your own portrait, and the photographer for your partner.

Both EDITED portraits will need to be posted on your photo blog.  Title it: “Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow Depth of Field”.  If you’re in a group of 3, you edit and post 3 portraits.

Insert the edited photos as separate images (not as a gallery). 

Put the camera settings in the captions and change link to Media File.

Below each photo, type a few sentences about the person and their chosen object.

Publish your post and turn in your link on Teams!

Friday 10/27/23: Photography Job Search Assignment

Today’s agenda:

  • Work on any of your assignments at your seat. No photographing today.
  • If you are caught up, move on to the Photography Job Search Assignment below…

Photography Job Search Assignment

Due Monday 10/30/23

Go to   

Find Photography Jobs in Fontana or Los Angeles.

On your blog post, list 3-5 jobs you would be interested in (if you HAD to choose). Include the following information for each:

  • Title of position and where (company and city location)
  • Salary and benefits (if any)
  • What are the responsibilities of this job?
  • What are the qualifications of this job?
  • Why would you want this job?

Two Cameras Are Missing Now.

Did anyone see anything? Heard anything?

If you took it, turn it in to the office and tell them you found it. No questions asked.

If you have ANY information about my missing cameras, please email me:

OR if you rather remain anonymous…click the Padlet link or scan QR code to anonymously post from your phone or computer:

Padlet Link

I have it set up so I have to approve the message before it posts so I will read it and delete it (it won’t post).

Missing cameras: camera C with bag (Rebel T6i), and camera M without the bag (Rebel T6 or T7). Bag M was stashed and hidden in the third shelf of the cabinet.


Depth of Field Photo Assignment: From Shallow to Great!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Publish and turn in yesterday’s Aperture & Depth of Field blog post. (Must be completed before you can move on to the photo-taking portion.)
  • Complete the Photo Assignment below individually or with a partner.

Photo Assignment: Depth of Field using DSLR’s

Objective:  Observe the difference in depth of field when the SAME scene is captured with various aperture f-stops. 

Equipment: DSLR camera, tripod, and maybe items to line up.


  1. Set your camera mode dial to “Av” (Aperture Priority) and your ISO to “AUTO”.  Video showing camera settings
  2. Keep your lens completely zoomed out the whole time (18mm).
  3. Find a location with a vast background and set up a diagonal row of similar items/subjects with the first one placed at Rule of Thirds.
  4. Set up your camera and tripod as close as you can get while still maintaining focus of your first subject. You can switch to Manual Focus (MF) on the lens if necessary.
  5. Take a series of photos starting with f3.5 and increasing it one f-stop at a time up to f16. (It will be a total of 14 photos.)
  6. Upload all your photos to your OneDrive.
  7. Format the card when you put it back in the camera.
  8. Re-name your photo files in your OneDrive with their corresponding f-stop, otherwise you may not know which one is which when uploading as a batch on Edublogs. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
  9. Create a new post titled “From Shallow to Great! A Depth of Field Photo Demonstration”. Explain to your viewers what you had to do for this assignment then add your photos as a gallery with the shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO in the captions of each photo!