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Portrait Lighting Patterns Using Strobes

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Photo Composite

This a picture of journey because this is what she does on a daily bases. She loves to eat jello and read Harry Potter books. This is what makes her successful at home to please my mother. The one of her on the floor represents her finish doing her chores and the last one the couch is her watching tv. This journey makes her successful for now when she is home but she is only 13 years old.


I think that it was very fun to take the picture. This was definitely one of the projects that I have had since I started photography but never had the time or the weather to accomplish it. I was hoping to capture more of the reflections and get the ripples of water falling in puddles. I think that overall my pictures could have used a bit more of my creativity but I like how they came out and just feels like a great accomplishment as a photographer. I hope that when it rains again I take the time to create another photo shoot like this.

Food Photography

Kitten Shoot For a Cause

Kitten Photography Tips

Some advice that you need for this photo shoot would be to be patient with the kitten and overall with your camera settings. Try not to use flash it could make the kitten be frighten and not want to be photographed anymore. For this shoot you need kind of a high shutter speed and higher ISO. The aperture in this photo shoot can be played around with but would be best in f/2.8 to f/5.6 that is the best range. When it comes to be time to chose a lens the best option would be a lens would be 85-130mm. Use different angles to photograph the kitten, but you mainly want to shoot at their eye level so the viewer feels and sees the personality of the kitten. Having treats could be an advantage because you could get their attention and get great pictures. Another things you can have are bells and cat toys so you can capture their attention if you do not have snacks. Use natural light that is the best lighting but if you need more you could add some. Also let the kitten get familiar with the equipment so they don’t get scared and feel comfortable with it.

Egg Photo Shoot