Portrait Shots

  1. Alter Your Perspective  – This shot is where you change your eye level to a higher or lower angle. This is done to create a more interesting picture. 
  2. Play With Eye Contact – This shot you have your subject look away from the camera to make the viewer wonder what the subject may be looking at. This shot can also be shown where two people look at each other in the same frame. 
  3. Break The Rules of Composition – This is where you don’t listen to the rules of compositions(it can be any rule). Like for example we could break the rule of thirds by not putting the subject on the lines and put the in the dead center or the subject almost coming out of the frame. 
  4. Experiment with Light – This is where you play with light and lighting only certain areas of your subject. For example you can only show the eyes with light and make everything else dark. 
  5. Move Your Subject Out of Their Comfort Zone – This is where someone who stands out from what they are used to doing. Like for example a business man or woman is not used to be seen coming home and jumping on the bed but if you take a picture like that would be an example of that. 
  6. Shoot Candidly – This is where you take the picture of someone when they aren’t noticing and they are doing them. This is great for people who are camera shy just take pictures of them without telling them and caught them doing an action. 
  7. Introduce a Prop – This is where you bring something/prop to be with your subject. You want to bring in a prop that does not take the full attention from your subject. 
  8. Focus Upon One Body Part- Get Close Up – This is where you zoom into your subject body part and capture their outfit or accessory they are wearing this is using the focal length. Don’t be afraid not to get the face on this shot make your view wonder what they look like. 
  9. Obscure Part of Your Subject – This is like the previous one but you can use clothes, objects or hand to frame a certain body part or face. This is so the viewer can focus on that area the subject is framing. 
  10. Take Series of Shots – This shot is where you hold the click button to take more than one shots. At the end of the shots you should have like a video strip that shows the motion that the subject made.

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