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Storytelling Through Photography: Inspired by Jon Henry’s Stranger Fruit

Storytelling Through Photography: Inspired by Jon Henry’s Stranger Fruit

This is project will count towards your “final” for this semester! Due Monday 12/11/23.

3. Worksheet_Guidelines – Storytelling Through Photography

Turn in your filled out worksheet by this Thursday 11/16/23

Take one photograph that tells a story by referencing an iconic image either from art history, photography, or contemporary culture. You can take a photograph of yourself (self portrait), someone else, or a group photograph. Your photograph must communicate an idea or tell a story. It doesn’t have to be about a social topic but it can if you’d like. It can be about your relationship with family, friends, things that interest you, or something you notice that’s going on in the world. Answer the questions in the worksheet when considering what story to tell. Answering these questions can help to develop your own photographic story and create meaning on a deeper level. Be prepared to present your photographs to the class.

Turn in your filled out worksheet by this Thursday 11/16/23

Friday 11/3/23: Review “Quizzes”

Today’s Agenda (for those in class):

  • Take the review quizzes posted on Teams. These are “open note” quizzes so I attached PowerPoints that you can reference while answering.  You can also do Google searches as well.  DUE TODAY!
  • Work on past assignments that you can work on from your seat.

Resources for the quizzes:

Rules of Composition_23-24

Copy of Depth of Field_ Aperture

P.4 Wed 11/1/23: Rules of Composition Photos

Today’s Agenda:

  • Rules of Composition Photo Project

Rules of Composition Project

Due Wednesday November 8th

Objective: Review and practice using rules of composition to improve your photography! 🙂

  • First, review the Rules of Composition PowerPoint: Rules of Composition_23-24
  • Take at least 5 photos for each rule of composition in the PPT slides (6 rules=30 photos total)
  • Edit your best photo for each rule in Lightroom.
  • Create a post titled, “Rules of Composition Photo Project”.
  • Begin by defining what composition in photography means.
  • Hit enter and type out the first rule (Rule of Thirds, for example).
  • Hit enter then add media to insert your photo for that rule. Caption with the camera settings (mode, aperture f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length). Change link to media file.
  • Hit enter and repeat this for the rest of your photos.
  • Once you add the last photo, hit enter, go to Add Media, choose Create a Gallery, and upload your 30+ photos. No captions or editing needed for these.
  • Publish and turn in to Teams!

Two Cameras Are Missing Now.

Did anyone see anything? Heard anything?

If you took it, turn it in to the office and tell them you found it. No questions asked.

If you have ANY information about my missing cameras, please email me:

OR if you rather remain anonymous…click the Padlet link or scan QR code to anonymously post from your phone or computer:

Padlet Link

I have it set up so I have to approve the message before it posts so I will read it and delete it (it won’t post).

Missing cameras: camera C with bag (Rebel T6i), and camera M without the bag (Rebel T6 or T7). Bag M was stashed and hidden in the third shelf of the cabinet.


P.4 Thurs 10/26/23: Photography Job Search

Today’s agenda:

  • Continue catching up on assignments
  • If caught up, move on to the Job Search blog post assignment below.

Photography Job Search Assignment

Due Friday 10/27/23

Go to   

Find Photography Jobs in Fontana or Los Angeles.

On your blog post, list 3-5 jobs you would be interested in. Include the following information for each:

  • Title of position and where (company and city location)
  • Salary and benefits (if any)
  • What are the responsibilities of this job?
  • What are the qualifications of this job?
  • Why would you want this job?

P.4 Wed 10/11/23: Neon Effect

Today’s Agenda:

  • If you have work to catch up on, please work on that.
  • We will continue our art history remakes tomorrow and Friday.
  • If you’re all caught up, check out the PowerPoint below that shows how to create a neon effect on Photoshop!  Use one of the portraits you have saved from the double color exposure portraits.

Neon Effect

Click the link below and see how much you can understand and accomplish on your own!

Neon Effect

P.4 Friday 10/6: Discussing Jon Henry’s Work + Art History Pose Challenge!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Discussing Jon Henry’s work and its historic references
  • Art History Pose Group Challenge

Jon Henry’s Stranger Fruit Photo Series

  • What is Jon Henry’s photo series, Stranger Fruit, show us (what do we see)?
  • How are they composed?
  • What do they communicate?
  • What do you think about his series?

We will watch Billie Holiday’s performance of Strange Fruit.

We will look at some Renaissance art paintings (books and online).

Art History Pose Group Challenge

In groups of 3 or 4, you will select a Renaissance art painting to recreate.

Recreate the poses and composition to your best ability.

Your version can be a modern take of the scene.

Everyone in the group saves all the photos. Everyone edits their favorite one to post on their student blog w settings in the caption + a gallery with all the photos taken by the group.

Due Friday October 13th.

P.4 Photographer Spotlight: Jon Henry

Today’s Agenda:

  • Get familiar with Jon Henry’s photography project, Stranger Fruit.
  • Jon Henry blog post assignment.

Jon Henry’s Photography and Blog Post Instructions

Click this link to view the UCR/Arts/Museum of Photography flyer of Jon Henry’s exhibition:

Read the information at the bottom of the flyer.  There is a mention of “Pietàs”. Do you know what this is a reference to? Do a Google search to find out what that means.

Visit Jon Henry’s site, specifically his Stranger Fruit project:

Back up site: Stranger Fruit – Photographs and text by Jon Henry | LensCulture

Click on the first image and click “Next” to view every photo and every piece of text which helps to bring context to the images.

Do you know what the title of the project, “Stranger Fruit”, refers to? Do a Google search of “Strange Fruit” to find out more.

Blog Post instructions: Create a blog post informing your audience about who Jon Henry is and what his Stranger Fruit photo project is about.  Include visuals and some of his work.