Photo Cropping

I cropped out the pole in order to center the photo.

I cropped out the window because it was just random and I left his head there so I don’t amputate him.

I cropped out the ledge because it was too long same thing with the F building and the sky.

I cropped out the person to his left because they were kind of in the way of the picture and I left space on his right.

I cropped out the bright yellow poster because I wanted the photo to be more simple and not have so much going on.

I cropped out the little circle and made the picture go more closer to me rather than so much space.i

I cropped out the wall and a little bit above her elbow because then it would have seemed amputated.

I cropped out the sky because it was just a white blob and I made the ceiling the main backdrop.

I cropped the background out because there was too much space around him but I like trees so I left that one there.

I cropped out the guy’s hair and some of the D building because I wanted to just focus on the sky.


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