History of Photography

1) 500Pinhole Camera, the first idea for a pinhole camera came around the time of Plato.
2) May 6, 700Camera Obscura, Camera Obscura first came about in 6th Century CE with the use of light in a wooden barn.
3) Jul 16, 1200 Silver Nitrate, the chemicals for the camera obscura, scientists found group of chemicals that were related to silver, Silver Nitrate which turned out to be photosensitve.
4) Nov 8, 1826Joseph Niepce, he came up with the first permanent photograph which took 8 hrs.
5) Feb 6, 1839Deguarreotype, Deguare came up with the first Deguarreotype which changed the revolution of the camera without it taking 8 hrs for the picture to develop, it only took a couple of minutes.
6) Jun 14, 1839Fox Talbot and Josh Hershal, they both put their ideas together and came up with the idea of “glass negativeā€, it was a better way of capturing an image.
7) Feb 7, 1870 -The Kodak Camera, the dry plate comes out.
8) Dec 30, 1924LIka came out with the first 35 mm camera.
9) Sep 10, 1957Image: First digital image came out.
10) Feb 7, 1985Auto Focus: Auto focus comes out, it changed the way cameras worked.


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