I did my photo essay about my sister, Stephanie Marquez. I chose the title “Yesterday” because its a song she loves by The Beatles and it always reminds me of her because of how much she used to play it.

I wanted to focus upon her achievements as a mother, especially since she was a teen mom. I feel like there’s such a bad stigma surrounding teen mothers for instance the common comments about being too young and how it “ruins” their life, But she has gone on to do beautiful things and impact lives daily.

I wanted to capture the family she has created and the love she has for then. She has a tattoo of her first daughter, Alanna’s footprints on her so I wanted a picture of her leaning towards it, she was born prematurely so that’s why they’re so tiny. I have a pic of her with her youngest, Amiyah, where they’re laying down, roses in their hair(yellows her favorite color) because they have such beautiful curls that I’m jealous of. Of course I included a family portrait to showcase the beautiful family she’s created.

I also wanted to show her passions. She has always been fascinated with criminal justice and she is currently working with attorneys. And lastly I included a pic of her wearing a patch she received when she helped protest the pipeline in North Dakota

(also I feel like the pics got a bit blurry on here but maybe its just my eyes)

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