Thursday 10/29/20: Practicing Depth of Field Activity #2


Due end of Friday

This is a really fun assignment and totally powerful to see how you can transform a random location to something amazing.

  1. Use a person or object as your subject.
  2. Take photos of your subject in 5 different “boring” or “ugly” places.
  3. First, photograph each location using wide/deep depth of field (high f-stop #) so everything is in focus.
  4. Now set your subject in place, get close, and use a Shallow Depth of Field (Large Aperture/Low F Stop #) to blur the background on each of your photos. Use your DSLR, portrait mode, or Focos app.
  5. Do this 5 different times with different locations. (Photo of location with great depth of field, then photo of the subject in that location with shallow depth of field.)
  6. Edit your photos using Snapseed or your phone editing features (brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance…)
  7. Create a collage of your five favorite DoF photographs using PicCollage.
  8. I would also like to see a collage of your locations (so that means you are turning in two collages). Turn both collages in the Teams assignment: “DoF Practice Activity #2”.

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