Tuesday 3/2/21: Mix and Match Photo Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Mix and Match Photo Project
  • Turn in brainstorming notes/ideas today

Mix and Match Photo Project Due: by end of Thursday 3/4/21

You have practiced using rule of thirds,  fill the frame, and framing device in your photographs. You will now need to practice using the all of them!  But, here’s the extra challenge for this photo project: you need to use more than one rule in each photo + express a particular mood/feeling…

8 Rules of Composition PowerPoint

Step 1: Pick a few moods and brainstorm ways you can express them visually (imagery, symbolic objects, composition, body language, outfits/costumes, camera angles, lighting, color, filters, etc.).  Then list or sketch some ideas.

Hot tip: Google image search different moods and see what comes up.  If you have your own device, try the same thing on pexels.com.

Step 2: Decide which two moods you want to go with then choose what 2 rules of composition you can use for each oneYOU CANNOT REPEAT RULES OR MOODS.

For example:

Photo #1: simplicity + rule of thirds + lonely

Photo #2: symmetry + leading lines + empowered

Complete Steps 1 & 2 today! Post a quality photo of your brainstorming notes on the class gallery wall by the end of the day (it’s okay if your ideas change later). Worth 5 points towards project.

Step 3: Photo shoot time!  I suggest you take 10 photos for each of your ideas so you have many options to choose from. You will be turning in a screenshot or collage of all your photos from your photo shoots. Hot tip: Experiment with angles, lighting, composition, different ideas, poses, etc.

Step 4: Choose your best photo from each idea and edit on Snapseed or your in-mobile editing features.

Step 5: Turn in your project to the Teams assignment: “Mix and Match Photo Project”.

  • Submit your two edited photographs. 20 pts.
  • In a separate document, tell me what 2 rules + 1 mood you used in EACH photo and explain how you used the rules of composition. 5 pts.
  • Upload a screenshot or collage of all the photos you took to get the shots. 5 pts.

Step 6: THEN, choose your favorite ONE to upload to our class Padlet gallery wall!  Include your name and project title when you upload to Padlet but do not mention what rules or mood you are demonstrating!

Mix and Match Photo Project Due: by end of Thursday 3/4/21

Images to spark ideas on how to convey mood visually:


Student examples:

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